Breakdance formations went through a two-day international workshop that pushed their skills to the limit. The event was organized by the Youth International Centre with the support of the Burgas club “Black Style Squad” and the Youth Cultural Centre.

😮 So much power, adrenaline, and endurance in one place! 6-hour training sessions over the two days of the breaking workshop, with no signs of fatigue, without complaining, without needing phones! Machines!

🇧🇬 Bulgarians and 🇩🇪 Germans understood each other without words, learned new moves, perfected old ones, fell, got up, but were super happy for the opportunity to be in the same place with these trainers!

🙏 Thanks to Bboy Funt, Bgirl Lupi, Bboy Rossi, Jilou, Bboy Killian, and Hristo Andonov – Black Style Squad! But most importantly: to the Youth Cultural Center – Burgas for the unwavering support and hospitality! 💜

👉 New workshops will be organized 🤸‍♀️ that’s for sure!

Translation: Simona Veleva